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Monday, October 30, 2017

From Trash to Treasure - Final

Finally we have reached the end of this project and I am thrilled. After taking you lovelies through part 4 and doing so much trouble shooting along with daily life, I decided to take a step away from the doors. So I have returned back to this adventure and was able to finish it up. 

Always double check
As a recap, in part 4 I took you through the process of me redoing the knobs so they were the style that I was wanting, my troubles and tribulations in concerns with the gold leafing, and correcting the issue with too much shine. After taking the lengthy break from the project and coming back to it, I found that I was still satisfied with the matte finish to the entire thing. There was one small correction that I wanted to make, however, to the gold leaf trim. Though it did have the 'unfinished' look I was going for, I realized that there were several spots where the gap between pieces of gold leaf were just too much for what I was looking for. Solution? Using the same gold metallic sharpie marker that I used on the doors themselves, I carefully went around the edge and filled in the holes where it looked a little too unfinished. With that taken care of, it was onto reassembly. 

Coming together
Doors assembled and knobs added
Reassembling the doors actually was the least time consuming part of the whole project. Reattaching hinges, attaching picture frame hangers to the back so that it could be hung on the wall if desired, and reattaching the doorknobs went along smoothly. Of course I had asked my boyfriend to pre-drill the holes I needed to screw in the hangers in the back because I did not trust myself. There was just something about the thought of accidentally drilling all of the way through the wood after I had spent so much time to save it that gave me a bit of anxiety. Not that I wouldn't have been able to use wood putty to fill in the hole to fix it, but it was the principle of the whole situation. So luckily he humored me and came to my rescue. 

After taking a step back once everything was in place, I realized that if anyone decided to give this a home, they could easily add to the decorations. Imagining someone putting a string of star and celestial shaped beads between the knobs or even adding their own embellishments to the doors themselves was all completely possible. Of course the thought of that actually just tickled me. But, even
Close up of knobs
as it is, I'm happy with the end result. 

So thank you for joining me on this little adventure and a peek inside of how my thought process is with things. 

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