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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Romance, Magic, and Art Books

Some time during 2016, long time friend and author Stacy J. Garrett had tossed out the suggestion to me to be part of an art book that she was thinking of adding to a series of novels that she was working on at the time. At the time, I joked around and said yes. Early this year, as she was wrapping up the last of the books for the series, she contacts me again and let me know that the art book was still going to be part of it. So that meant that I had a sizable job ahead of me. 

Welcome to the 3rd District
Book covers of the 3rd District Series
"Classic faerie tales get a modern makeover in the magical 3rd District of New York City where happily ever after is just a contract away" is the tagline for the series as a whole. Each book within the 3rd District series is broken into 'files', each focusing on modern interpretations of faerie tales that you know and love from your childhood. Filled with romance, suspense and, of course, magic, Stacy's attention to detail fully immerse her readers into the world. Each book also comes with a bonus short story. 

The Shaughnessy File - Youngest sibling Aenya Shaughnessy is dancing her way through her shoes every night-without ever leaving her room, and only a savvy private investigator might know the right steps to catch her. Kienan Shaughnessy throws his dreams of a musical career on a wild gamble that takes a detour once he meets a plain nightingale suffering a lonely curse. Eldest sibling Taegan Shaughnessy unexpectedly gets a new pair of glass slippers as he pines for a princess out of his reach. Mel Shaughnessy, the wild-spirited beauty of the household, finds himself at the mercy of a tutor nicknamed 'the beast', yet sees something much deeper under the surface. Can there be a happy ending for the whole family?

The Carmichael File - Sleeping beauty Rayna Carmichael has no idea what danger sent her into a coma for fifteen years, and an undercover warlock will have to find the truth before too many lies tear them apart permanently. Spirited Gwyn Trahern is marked for death by a jealous enemy, and only an artist with a gift of his own can save her from a poisoned apple. Confirmed bachelors, the seven Trahern brothers are content with their lives until they meet the seven sassy Germaine sisters, and with a little help from an enchanted locket, there might just be seven happy endings.

The Dease File - Local prince Cameron Dease finds himself in quite the pea-ckle as his mother tries to force him to get married against his will, but the sensitive skin of the secret princess he truly loves might just save the day. Upper and lower class collide as Kenneth Dease finds himself falling in love with a diamond in the rough, and only a magic lamp might save them both from a cruel wish designed to tear them apart. Surrogate Dease sister, Louise Pram, finds herself tangled within a handsome weaver's past and future alike, and it will take soul-searching for them both if they want to finish their story to a happy ending.

The Lucino File - Local princess Isabelle Lucino finds her world flipped upside down when she runs into 3rd District pauper Gabrielle Wisteria and they discover they could be identical twins, but an attempt to live in each other's shoes for a day only sets the entire Lucino family on its ear—and creates some dangerous stakes. Heir apparent Rafael Lucino has been in love with his bodyguard for years, but convincing his ugly duckling that she is as beautiful outside as in will be hard to do as evil closes in on them both. Family friend and almost-daughter Theresa Adams is a sheltered Rapunzel trapped in a tower she cannot escape, and only a dangerous and unlikely prince in disguise will be able to free her in time to save the entire Lucino family as a whole and bring their story to a happy ever after.

The Taber File - The finale has come! For 2000 Years, Rhianna Taber has played matchmaker extraordinare and helped thousands find their happy ever after. Now the immortal executive faces her toughest challenge of all: turning her own marriage contract from a "Void" to "Complete". With some luck, friends, and maybe some magic beans, the District's protector might finally have her ultimate happy ending.

Interested in ordering the series yourself? Stacy has all of her books available to be purchased on Amazon.com in both digital (Kindle) and paperback formats. Also, through her website, she offers the option of being able to read the first chapter of each book to capture your attention.  
Check it out here: 3rd District Series 

3rd District Official Art Book
Art Book 

Having worked with Stacy several times in the past, I knew that the project was going to be intense and I wanted to do her series justice. What she was needing me to do was do images based on the description of paintings that are found within the 3rd District series. With a total of 18 images suddenly on my plate to tackle, I became one with my coffee pot and paints and dived right on in. There were several times where I had to take a break due to hand cramps or eyes not being able to focus on any other color due to what I was staring at for long periods of times. However, even with these setbacks, I pushed through and was able to complete the project. 

'The Swan and the Nightingale' by
Dawn Star Wood
Perhaps my personal favorite of the batch was one for 'The Swan and the Nightingale'. It was one of the few times I actually didn't want to give a client the image they requested and just keep it for myself. I'm not quite sure as to why I was drawn so much to that image in particular. Of course I did give the stack of images to Stacy once everything was completed, to which I received gleeful squeals as she looked through each and every image. 

The art book is filled with photography images from the series, other sketches I had done for Stacy that was for the short story bonuses, and small excerpts explaining everything. It is a delightful visual tie into the 3rd District series and is certainly the cherry on top of a literary cake. 

Wanting to add the art book to your collection? You're able to find it available on Stacy's website. She lets readers know that if you have already purchased the hardcover or are ordering the entire paperback series, the art book is included in your purchase. However, if you wish to have it as a stand alone, you can purchase it. 
Check it out here: 3rd District Official Art Book 

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