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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Coffee Review: Peet's Coffee – Garuda Blend

Even though the last month or so have been hectic and hair-pulling worthy of insane, it has provided me with so many stories and events to share with you all. So what is one of the things that has happened? Several generous friends donating coffee for me to check out with each specifically saying 'For your review', to which I thank them whole heartily. As you may know that normally I attempt to avoid doing main stream coffee products, mostly to give a spotlight to the lesser known brands and varieties, but I honestly have never had any of the Pete's Coffee brand items other then their tea.
As I opened the 16oz (454g) bag of Garuda Blend that was given to me, I took in the dark and perhaps slightly nutty aroma. I Though the bag said 'ground coffee', the ground reminded me of a fine instead of medium grind. My curiosity sparked, I wondered if it would be anything like the Tchibo GoldSelection Ground Coffee or Krönung. Or would it be more like Johnsons Irel? I just had to find out how it would taste. Once brewed, I noticed that it had many of the characteristics of a dark brew – rich dark amber color, robust fragrance.. I was however pleasantly surprised that unlike most dark brew coffees that this did not have a bitter flavor or aftertaste. Instead, the flavor was towards a medium roast, having a slight hint of fruit notes to it. It also had only a mild aftertaste but was not bitter..

For those who aren't familiar with Pete's Coffee & Tea, the first shop was opened in Berkeley, California back in 1966. Mostly a west coast coffee house chain, they do now offer their brand of ground coffee for purchase in their shops, grocery stores and from their website. So if you're looking for something different, perhaps this might be something you would be interested in checking out if you haven't already.

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