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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coffee Review: Jacobs© Krönung

While at my favorite German deli (the same one where I picked up Tchibo Gold Selection Ground Coffee), on a whim I wondered the isles and came across a particular green package with a coffee cup on it. Interest perked, I plucked the object off the shelf to discover that it was a 8.81oz (250g) package of Jacobs brand ground coffee called Krönung. The last time I had actually seen the coffee brand was in my small time spent living in Germany in my youth. Intrigued, I decided to go ahead and put it with some other items I was purchasing and brought it home.

As I look my newest acquisition, I did notice that there was something a little troubling with the design. Though the packaging does show you how to open it up, unfortunately there is now way to reseal it so you will need to put it into a resealable container to keep it fresh. When I did finally get it open, my senses were greeted by the rich robust notes of I'm sure is a dark roast coffee. I wasn't sure how the flavor would be until I brewed it but the aroma that was wafting from the bag was certainly eye opening. Brewing myself up a pot, I enjoyed the perfumed steam as it curled through the air making the anticipation for a cup of the amber liquid. Finally having a cup, I was surprised over the fact that the flavor was quite mild and not overpowering. It was as if I was drinking a medium roast Columbian coffee instead of the dark roast I believed it was when I initially smelt it when opening the back. It also doesn't have a bitter after taste like some coffees tend to have. For those more interested in international coffee, this is perhaps one that should be on you list to try.

It was quite interesting to read from the Mondelez International website the information they had for Jacobs, stating: 
The moving story of Jacobs coffee started in 1895 in Germany. This year, the 26-year-old Johann Jacobs opened a specialty coffee shop in Bremen and invented his own special brand of coffee.Today, Jacobs Coffee is one of the billion-dollar brands of Mondelez International and is sold throughout Europe. In countries such as Austria and Germany, it is the market leader for many years. In the form of Tassimo capsules, roasted and ground as whole beans, soluble coffee in pads and a flavored coffee blend sold Jacobs is still a benchmark in the industry for delicious coffee.
The main markets of Europe Mondelez region: Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland

For those interested in this popular German import, the 8.81oz package that I picked up was $8.99 which is relatively normal and actually rather reasonable.

The German Deli
5859 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 349-9493

If you're not in the Greater Sacramento area, I discovered that you can order Jacobs brand Krönung ground coffee through Amazon including K-cups and larger packages of the coffee. Just go to Amazon.com and look under Krönung

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  1. We love Kronung too, usually much better deals on Amazon.