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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beasts of Another Material

Be it made out of standard materials or scraps, the creation of animals in a sculptural form is always so interesting. Beautiful, whimsical and sometimes eerily surreal, these skillfully made creations bring to mind fantastical images of environments that could possibly be interacted in through the medium of video games. I have been noticing a small surge in such wonderful creations and would like to share with you some examples of what I mean.

Saracen the Goose by Bluelioness
Bluelioness.deviantart.com (United Kingdom)
A student of Modelmaking at Arts University Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, Imy Nagle has a collection of drawings in her gallery along with some images of some of her face painting escapades. The most attention catching images however is of the progress and final result of a 'mechanical' puppet she calls Saracen the Goose. In The Making of Saracen the Goose Puppet, Imy describes the process of how she went about creating the almost life sized bird.

Facebook: Illustrativ Imy 

Clockwork Scorpion No 7 by AMechanicalMind
Justin Gershenson-Gates, a craftsman in the United States specializing in making tiny creatures such as insects, other small invertebrates and his own creature concepts out of clock parts. Delicate and memorizing, Justin's work has quickly become popular among the deviantART community for his skill and patience for the pieces he makes. One personal favorites of mine is Creature which was inspired by a combination of fiddler crab, spiders, scorpions, grasshoppers, monkeys and several other creatures. Another personal favorite is Clockwork Scorpion No 7.

Rat 2 by Sean Avery
A proclaimed hobbiest out of Australia, Sean Avery is a writer-illustrator of children's picture books but also makes amazingly detailed sculptures of animals out of used CDs and DVDs. Colorful and adorable, each animal creation seems to have its own personality. Presented in such a way, Sean has been able to give his critters a sense of curiosity about them. Such an adorable tiny beast would be Rat 2.

Website: seanavery.com 
Fremantle Press: All Monkeys Love Bananas picture book by Sean E Avery

The Nest by 22zddr
Dariusz Zawadzki, an artist located in Poland who is equally talented in traditional and digital illustrations as he is in metal sculptures. Though his paintings are beautifully surreal, seeming to lean towards more dark fantasy imagery, what caught my attention and brought me to his gallery was his sculpture The Nest. This portrayal of an other-worldly bird was made in such a way that its mechanical form was balanced with an organic and very animalistic pose. Sparking curiosity of what possible setting such a creature would exist in, it also will send a chill down the viewer's spine when considering the possibilities of its purpose.

Scrap Metal Fishy of Doom by Devin Francisco
Specializing in fan art illustrations, American artist Devin Francisco's gallery is filled with beautifully dark illustrations. However, his sculptures out of scrap metal seems to be rather attention catching. One such piece has the oddly whimsical name of Scrap Metal Fishy of Doom

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