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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp – Finale

After a little more then 6 months of collaborations between myself and my friend Rebecca, her project which marries her music with a collection of beautiful artworks by various artists has come to an end. Announcing the finale of the series, she sent a beautiful message to all of the artists with the link:

Hello to everyone! As some of you have already been told, I completed my "Flower Waltzes" album in December, and I got the final video up in the spring. I have already sent each of you all the videos in which your artwork was featured, but I have one final piece of music to share. It's sort of the finale to entire project. It's called Heavenly Light Flower Waltz.

I have featured one or more of your beautiful pieces in this video. Of everything I've ever written for the 13 years I've been composing (I'm 25 now if you were ever wondering), this is the one composition I am most proud of. In this song and video, I have attempted to communicate "heaven on earth" through art and music. Please listen to this song all the way through; it is my last request of you. I want you to enjoy its peaceful melody with a cup of tea or when you have a spare minute to relax and really take in its loving, joyful message. I thank you all personally, because you have participated in the spreading of love and kindness that I'm striving to uphold by creating such vibrantly beautiful, joyous works of art, and now, I wish to return some of the happiness that you have all given me in art via music. I wrote this FOR you and for no other reason. That's right! This song is dedicated to each of you! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I gave thought to every single one of the 1158 artists I worked with individually when I wrote this, hoping that at least one person could share in the immense gratitude, satisfaction and fun it has given me. Many of you have become my friends over the last year, some of whom I've been corresponding with over Facebook or email, talking about philosophy, written work, video games, art styles or just making small talk about gardens, animals and nature. As artists, you all understand the joys of creativity well, so to finally complete something that has taken me countless hours- a full year's worth of work- is one of the greatest joys. Please leave a comment and share this with as many people as you can, because I want to celebrate art and music one last time before I move on to the next project. Thank you sincerely, with love, flower petals and a hot cup tea (or coffee, as some of you have expressed your preference for),

Rebecca E. Tripp

Completely touched by her words, I had to smile and salute my computer screen with my cup of coffee before I went to check out the video. 

'Sacred Vessel' by Dawn Star Wood

Watching the video, the amazing amount of peace and joy that was in the music warmed my heart. It was certainly a wonderful way for Rebecca to say 'Thank You' to all of us who helped her with her vision. There seemed to be a mix of Comptine D'un Autre Ete L'apres Midi by Yann Tiersen (1970 - ) for the film Amélie (2001), Lothlórien by Enya (1961 - )for the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and Light from the sound track to The Thin Red Line (1998)composed by Hans Zimmer (1957 - ). The way that the swells in the piece were subtle and the use of harp and bells within the piece wasn't jarring was wonderfully done and seemed to enhance the various pieces of work featured in the video.

'Vertical Aspirations' by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
What brought an even larger smile on my face was that not only did she use one of my recent paintings titled Sacred Vessel, but also featured 2 pieces by my friend Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (one of which titled Vertical Aspirations was part of the inspiration to Sacred Vessel). The painting itself was one of those 'this photo has instantly given me an idea' sort of things where my muse demanded that I create the collection of images that spontaneously popped up into my mind into one piece. It rarely happens that I have something like that happen but when such sparks of inspiration and creativity occurs, it often tells me to make the painting right then and there which usually causes me to toss other projects aside until I get the piece done. The main body of the painting was based off of a photo by Dxlogic.deviantart.com (Canada) titled  Girl Stock

If you would like to see more from Rebecca and give her a message, here's where you can find her work:

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