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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coffee Review: Millstone – Bed & Breakfast Blend

While digging through my filing cabinet drawer where I keep the various coffees I've either received as gifts or that I've bought, I discovered one that I hadn't tried yet and off of the top of my head can't remember how or where I got it. As I studied the gold and red packaging for the 10oz (283.5g) bag of Millstone Bed & Breakfast Blend, I figure that it was a good time to try it out. Opening up the bag, my nose was greeted by the dark, rich aroma of coffee. There was something familiar about it. Could it be a dark roast? I hadn't even checked the bag yet. Taking a look at the packaging while I brew up a pot of the aromatic liquid, I discovered that it was labeled as a medium-dark roast.

Taking a sip of the deep amber liquid as steam curled from my mug, I found the flavor was as rich as it's scent. Not on an overpowering way but for those of you who don't want something fancy and enjoy a straight cup of coffee, this would be perfect. As I mull over the flavor, I was surprised by the low bitterness of the brew but noticed the subtle floral notes.

Taking a look at the Millstone Coffee Company, I was surprised to find that the company is out of Orrville, Ohio. Wandering the website, I was pleased to find that they have the option of bags or K-cup packs. A fantastic balance between those of us who brew by the pot and those who only want only a cup for the day. They also have the option of finding a store near you (perhaps a feature only for US residents) that carries their product or you can order in bulk online. With a variety of roasts, flavors and even organic blends, there seems to be something for everyone. If you're interested in trying this out for yourself, it would be best to check your local store for availability and prices. 

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