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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A common influence... maybe: Color Edition

As of late, I have been finding myself completely fascinated by pieces of work that have 2 traits common with them: wide use of colors and massive amount of detail. This is one of those times where I'm actually not sure if there could be an artist that could have influenced all of these artists at the same time. Instead, I feel that the theme for this set of artists I've come across should be how they're use of color and details into their pieces. Just like my other installments of A common influence... maybe, I picked 5 artists and sent them the following message:

I have enjoyed the way you've put so much detail into your pieces and the use of color to get a certain feeling across, especially in your piece __________________________. I was curious as to what was your inspiration.

theirison.deviantart.com (United States)
Mixed media artist Erik Jones creates amazing illustrations which marries realistic imagery with geometric shapes and a rainbow of colors. Such a combination delight the senses and makes the viewer think about the process of what he had done. With his piece Rose Systyla which he created in December 2011, he states in the description:
'Rose Systyla' by Erik Jones 

Here is the final piece along with some of the process. I used water-soluble wax pastels, prismacolor pencils, nue pastels and acrylics, on Rives bfk paper. In the process shots, you're seeing more of the flower process. I hadn't intended on painting the bees in there until the last minute. So I made some in photoshop, printed them out, cut them up and moved the cut out bees around the painting to try and find nice spots for them to be painted in. When I found a fitting place, I took a yellow pencil, sketched the bees in and used mostly the wax pastels to paint the bees on there. In the 4th panel of the process shots you'll see the cut out and the painted bee. I used Prismacolor nue pastels and acrylics to dirty up the flowers. I really enjoy that process, it feels good to "mess up" the painting after spending so many hours trying to make everything perfect. This and the other painting "the Pride" will be shown at the Supersonic Electronic show at Spoke Art Gallery on the 5th of January. If you're around those parts, check out the show, it will be a good one for sure!

After asking him about his inspiration, his response was:
"Not sure really, I just paint what comes to my head."

An illustrator and graphic designer from India, Mukesh Singh's pieces are an array of comic pages, fantasy art and original characters. With action, wonderful use of colors to help emphasize a mood and the intricate pieces that he draws out. For his piece MBX Vol 01 01Brahma Cosmos, Mukesh answers my question with:
'MBX Vol 01 01 Brahma Cosmos' by Mukesh Singh

"Thanks !

The Brahma cosmos image was sitting in my head for a long while even before the 18 days project was created.

I repeat here what I mentioned in my notes at the end of the book : I imagine him as an infinite scientist in his infinite lab, creating the universe. His 3 heads looking at time in its entirety - past, present and the future ( Traditionally Brahma is shown as having four heads, at times five )

I imagined a furious picture with Brahma at its centre as matter and antimatter collide endlessly, fuelling his creations.

On hindsight, perhaps he is shown as an artist too...painting his imagination in a riot of stars and galaxies and nebulae..."

The remaining 3 artists weren't able to respond as of yet but I want to share their pieces with you all so that you can make your own decisions.

Seasonal Muertita series by Krisztianna
Krisztianna.deviantart.com (United States)
An advertising designer and illustrator from the United States, Krisztianna does a bit of everything- from fantastical abstract illustrations to sculptures. She is perhaps better known on deviantART for her Muertita series which is much more expanded on her website.

'Lithium' by NekroXIII

A digital artist located in Spain, Nekro specializes in dark imagery which blends photo-manipulation with his own graphic designs to create memorizing other worldly pieces. Working with mostly a black and white color pallet, he often adds one or two other colors to draw the viewer in. His piece titled Lithium was actually a personal work of his done in 2011 but is a prime example for his eye for detail and attention to colors.

'Florist' by bcnyART

Known as B.c.N.y., this young man is a digital artist originally from Taiwan but now studies in New York who specializes in freelance illustrations. Highly detailed and not afraid of color, his works have been quickly gaining notice by the deviantART community thanks to his piece titled Florist which he also has an alternate color version of which he's called Florist-Golden Praise-

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