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Friday, April 19, 2013

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp - part 13

Having been preoccupied with my own work and hectic schedule as of late, I was surprised when I saw that Rebecca has messaged me once again to let me know that she had a new video up. So soon after the last post? This woman has been rather busy. Her note was full of enthusiasm as always, with a joke between her and I on asking if I was able to do another painting to go with one of her upcoming videos: “Hi, Dawn. Here's the fuchsia art video! 60 videos are done, and only 4 to go! Then I can finally move on to the next project, which, knowing me, will probably be even bigger than this one. After this, there will be only two of more videos to send you: trumpet flowers and honeysuckle. (Unless you want to paint me a freesia) I hope you like this. It's sweet, perky at first, and then emotional and dramatic”. Sweet and perky to emotional and dramatic, hm? At this point I was stroking my invisible beard as I pondered what the piece would sound like. So off I went on my musical adventure.

Waltz of the Fuchsia is a rather delicate tune with the melody going from what could be described as spriteful to sultry. It is as if the music went from a child's tune and followed that person to becoming a young adult. Perhaps not quite along the lines of Antonio Vivaldi's (1678-1741) The Four Seasons since each season were their own piece. Rebecca's piece actually makes me think of some of the instrumentals from My Fair Lady (1964). This is perhaps due to the fact that when I was listening to the piece, I found myself imagining a young man courting a lovely lady while strolling through a flower garden somewhere in Paris. With that mind set, it was only logical for my mind to go to some classic movies. On a different note, while I was wandering through videos attempting to find the right comparison to Waltz of the Fuchsia, I stumbled across a piece by Swiss composer Adrian von Ziegler titled Evening Breeze which reminds me very much of Rebecca's pieces including the addition of the sound of bird calls in the background. Of course the birds that he uses are the caws of crows and ravens combined with the chirping of crickets but within the piece it makes sense.

"There was a Kingdom" by Dawn Star Wood
While looking through the beautiful pieces that she had compiled for the video, I was amused that Rebecca had used one of my much older pieces from 2008 titled There was a Kingdom. She did use the same piece for her piece Waltzing Under Wisteria, which I featured in Collaborationwith Rebecca Tripp – part 9. As I had mentioned in that installment, There was a Kingdom was part of an unfinished series I was working on at the time where I was trying to tell a small story through a group of different floral paintings and their titles. At the time I realized that what I wanted to do was not where my skill level in painting was so abandoned the project to perhaps redo sometime in the future.

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