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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coffee Review: Good & Delish – Vanilla Delight

During a recent trip to my local Walgreens, a US based drug store/convenience store chain, for a couple of items when I stumbled into the isle that had coffee and tea. On a whim, I took a look around and spotted one of the store's brands Good & Delish and noticed that a 12oz (340g) bag of Vanilla Delight coffee was reasonably priced within the $4-5 range. Curiosity got the better of me and decided to add it to what I was already picking up and brought it home.

One thing that made me happy with the packaging was that I seem to being up a lot in my previous coffee reviews is that it was easy to open and is able to be resealed so that the coffee doesn't loose its freshness. Breaking the seal on the bag, my senses were met with the sweet floral notes of vanilla married with the rich sultry tones of the Arabica coffee. Brewing up a pot of my new purchase, it wasn't long before the room was filled with the fragrant aroma. As stated on the bag as being a light roast, once the coffee was ready and poured into my favorite cup (a glass coffee mug from Thinkgeek.com called Caffeine Mug that has a caffeine molecule on it) I could see that it was a lovely shade of amber. Just on color alone, it was almost as if I had just brewed up a cup of Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. Once cooled enough to drink, I held the still steaming in my hands and took a sip of the warm liquid, I found that the flavor was light and refreshing. For those who don't like a strong tasting coffee with very little aftertaste and no bitterness, this might be something you would like to check out. It would be best if you're in the United States to check out your local Walgreens to make sure that they have this particular coffee available since supplies may be different between locations. Unfortunately you are unable to order it online and prices are not listed on their website for this.

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