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Monday, April 22, 2013

Art of Gaming - Segment Update

As of late, my readers have noticed a lack of 'Art of Gaming' installments to which I would like to apologize about. For those of you who are new to following or bookmarking my humble blog, 'Art of Gaming' is one of several segments that I do my best to keep updated with new spotlighted information. In this case, I focus on mostly Indie games and look at the art style(s) used instead of game play and mechanics. I then email the developers of said games to find out what their inspirations were. The feedback I have received from those who have responded has been absolutely positive but here is where I hit a roadblock. What do I mean by this? Perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm not a journalist or some other form of press or it's the workload of the developers I attempt to talk with which causes my inquiries to be overlooked, but the amount of emails I get back compared to the volume I send out is actually relatively small. I do thank every single developer who has responded and share with them the articles I write on their spotlighted games. It's always an honor to speak with these talented individuals and a delightful surprise when they let me know that they have taken time to read the various things I have posted. 

I often get asked by a mixture of my gamer audience and artists where I find the games I end up writing about. With all honesty, I can say that it's a mixture of looking at gaming sites such at Steampowered.com and gog.com along with suggestions from friends who are more savvy on the subject of gaming as well as watching Youtube personalities such as John “TotalBiscuit” Bain. Like any other installment I write, I make sure that I site where I found the information, discuss the art, share the developer's insight on what they were striving for and then share with my audience where they can possibly get the game to play it themselves. There has been several times that I have pondered if I should still do the articles I have planned and just include the developer's insights if I received any but until then have my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps my readers could help me decide if this is a good idea or not.

So I apologize if you have been waiting with held breath for the newest update of 'Art of Gaming' but I'm currently re-emailing several developers to see if I can get any responses along with keeping a look out for Indie games that might spark not only my interest but yours as well. Interested in checking out the games I've already spotlighted? Feel free to check out those I have been able to share thus far and their developers!

Deep Silver & Chromatrix GmbH, published by Daedalic Entertainment

Spooky Squid Games, Inc.

Cochroach, Inc.

Terry Cavanagh

Okugi Studios

Erik Svedäng

Colin and Sarah Northway, Thomas Shahan

Dreampainters Software

Stoic Studios

Ty Taylor & Mario Castañeda

Spaces to Play

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