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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Wandering Artist - Day 2

Starting point: Twin Falls, Idaho
6am MT - Yeah you read that right. With maybe 4 hours of collective cat naps through out the night, I was out of bed at the equivalent time of 5 in the morning Pacific time. What was even stranger of how I started off the day was that I didn't have any coffee at all when we got ourselves some breakfast. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I ended up starting out my d'm ay in a state of adrenaline fueled sleep deprived delirium.

Hi Montana. Bye Montana.
11:49am MT - After a rather long drive, we entered a corner of Montana. This would be a brief visit through the state since we were aiming for Wyoming. Even though it was a relatively short journey, the fact that we were going through one of the national forests made me thrilled. The weather up to this point has been absolutely amazing. Though it has been in the mid to high 90s, there has been a steady cool breeze that has made the sun tolerable.

Yellowstone, Wyoming
1pm-3pm MT - We arrived to our goal for the day! My dad, boyfriend and I have never actually been to Yellowstone National Park. Conclusion? We decided that we would make sure that we stop off and spend as much time as we could. Of course, we totally forgot that since it's Summer, that the tourist crowd would be rampid. So, we were prepared to enjoy ourselves as best as we could without being swamped by wild children and adults basically being oblivious of those around them as they marvel at the wonders around them.

Even with having to bob and weave to avoid the elbows and torsos, your resident short person was successful in getting some relatively decent shots. My goal was to have some references for possible future images or just ideas and color references. Of course some things that I was able to witness weren't able to be
captured on camera but at least they were highlights to the day. Such things included seeing a buffalo and several elk. They were such majestic creatures but I was able to resist the urge to invade their personal space  to get closer. Instead, I just admired them from a safe distance and let them do their thing.

As we left Yellowstone, the environment changed so absolutely drastically. From forests recovering from damage that they had sustained over the years from fires and pests, to bubbling hot springs, to immense cliffs and jagged canyons. We were able to stop off and check out one of the spots marked for the continental divide, which was fascinating. I still have so many images on my phone that I need to find a way to transfer to my hard drive but I'm sure that I can figure that out once I'm home.

End of the day: Greybull, Wyoming
6:30pm MT - Once out of the canyons, we were plunged into the familiar environment that I'm well acquainted with from previous trips through the state. The flat and expansive grass plains with storm clouds over head. Tired, sore, and hungry, we finally found ourselves a place to stay for the night and was able to find some nourishment. So now to rest and recharge for tomorrow.

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