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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp - part 10

It has been a while since I've heard from my friend Rebecca until recently when I sent her a message asking if everything was alright. To my surprise, the musical young woman responds and apologized to me for not getting to me sooner due to recovering from an emergency in concerns with her back. I was completely shocked and worried about her health but was happy that she was healing up. We both knew that she still had several more art music videos left to go on her list but I told her to take her time so as not to cause herself more harm then what she was already dealing with. I wasn't expecting her to get back to work on her project any time soon so was pleasantly surprised when she sent me a message earlier today with her newest video.

While listening to Lily of the Valley, the gentle waltz gave me a sense of fantasy. Actually the first thing that came to mind was the English opening for the anime Record of Lodoss War titled Now and Fortune ~Flame and Eternity~ and the Japanese opening to it's continuing story line Record of Lodoss War – Heroic Knight titled Kiseki No Umi . Oddly enough, Rebecca's newest work also made me think of some of the themes that were used in the movie Legend (1985). The delicate tune continued to bring to mind fanciful beings in strange foreign landscapes, the entire daydream I had being shattered over my annoyance that YouTube was not allowing me to share the video as I have done several times before. So in my stubbornness,  I made the title of the video have the link so it would be just like how I share other bits of source information (to my readers, I apologize but I was starting to snarl at both of my computers by this point). 
"Season Card - Spring"

Looking through the video at the various works of the collective artists she was featuring this time around, I couldn't help but be slightly amused over the fact that I realized that my dear friend had decided to use one of my older pieces Season Card - Spring which I had done back in 2008. Originally done as part of a brainstorming attempt to come up with designs for greeting cards that would show the seasons through nature, I look at it now and compare it to my newest works only to realize how much my style and technique has evolved within only a 5 year period. 

If you would like to see more from Rebecca and give her a message, here's where you can find her work:


  1. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is lovely!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad that you've enjoyed your visit here and feel free to look through the blog.