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Friday, March 15, 2013

Collaboration with Quixotic Magazine

Towards the end of January, my dear friend  Kchrysalis had announced on her Facebook account that she had been able to have some of her art accepted into a magazine which had a Call for Artists that they could show in their very first issue. Wondering what she was talking about, I went to the magazine's page and read the information they had up. I'm not sure what inside of me came up with the thought of “Eh why not? Don't have anything to loose”. This especially was a surprise to when at the time I was working on at least 4 projects and when I read the due date there was only 5 days left before they were going to stop accepting entries. Sending an email with my entry and examples of my work, I was surprised to see a response in my inbox that evening from the Creative Director. Thus the small adventure of getting into a magazine had begun.
"Chinese New Year"

From what I can understand, Quixotic Magazine was created in hopes to spotlight a handful of artists in each issue with a mini interview in of each person. So with each issue they plan on doing, they hope to have a theme. Chatting with the Creative Director via email conversations, I was completely understanding that since the magazine was brand new that I would have to purchase my own copy. The price itself ($16.99) totally reasonable and though shipping suggested 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered, I received mine in about 5 days. Flipping through my shiny new issue, I was amused over the fact that instead of being put into the painting category I was placed into the drawing category instead. With how I paint, it's something that I'm used to so I wasn't upset at all. Another little thing that made me laugh was whoever was in charge of typing the things up had my middle name with a double R instead of a single one. This is yet another little quirk I've become used to for the simple fact that I had a grandmother who would write my name in such a way along with some other people. Even with the few minor things, it was a pleasure to be a part of this issue. It also wasn't until I noticed that another artist I know, Tom McKeith, was able to make it into the issue as well which was a delightful surprise. 
"Moving Waters"

The pieces that they decided to use were Chinese New Year (2011), Moving Waters (2009), and Sultan's Prize (2012). It made sense to me that among the small grouping of pieces I sent in for consideration that they chose were some of my most intricate pieces that I have done to date. The other piece I had sent in with the grouping was Tail Lights (2010) which is a series of 3 small black and white paintings of the tail lights of classic cars. 

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of the first issue or what to keep up on other new announcements, here's the information:

magcloud.com: Issue 1 (Prints - $16.99, Digital - $4.99) 

"Sultan's Prize"

The other artists also featured in this issue are:
Photography - Chris Epperson, Kayleigh Shawn, Tay Voye 
Paint - Kchrysalis, Tim Dreamweaver, Emerald Barkley
Photography/Stencil - Emilio Benitez
Make-Up - House of Winter
Hair - Shicole Brittain
Poetry - Caylor Alcouffe, Chris Lewis
Illustration -  Raina Dayne, Tom McKeith
Drawing/Model - Kristie California

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