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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coffee Review: RealBeanz Iced Coffee Cappuccino

It has been some time since I've had the chance to sample a new coffee and honestly I have been a bit glum about it. Not just because I enjoy trying out new types of coffee and learning about their origins but because I do have so many friends and readers who are interested in drinking coffee and enjoy reading the Coffee Review segments. Well I'm happy to say that this review has been brought to you by a very close friend of mine and was completely unexpected. I just happened to be at her place to visit when she disappears into her kitchen for a brief moment, coming back out and placing a 9.5 FL oz (281mL) bottle of RealBeanz Iced Coffee Cappuccino in my hands with a grin on her face as she said “Here. For the Coffee Review”.

Pulling the bottle out of the refrigerator, I noticed that on the label itself in bold letters below the type of coffee that it is was 'ENERGIZE'. What did that mean? Glancing on the side of the label it explains the natural energy giving supplements that was also in the coffee which included a list of Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Pantothenic Acid. Right then and there I knew that this combination was going to alter the taste of the coffee at least a little. If any of you consume energy drinks (and who doesn't now-a-days with how busy our work schedules are), most of these ingredients are found in most of the beverages you consume. They're used as an added lift naturally to also help make the inevitable crash a little less drastic. Popping the bottle open, I couldn't help but note the aroma was a little less coffee-y (if there is such a way to describe it) then I'm used to but was prepared since there was more then just straight coffee, cane sugar, and low fat milk in it. Taking a sip, I found that the flavor was surprisingly light and the added Guarana, Ginseng and Yerba Mate I noticed that it didn't alter the flavor as much as I thought that it would. With the natural cane sugar, the beverage had a nice sweetness to it without the thick syrup feel in the back of the tongue and corn aftertaste that drinks with corn syrup tends to have. After only a couple of sips, I was already feeling a bit more perky then I was originally feeling. Perhaps it was the added herbs. Maybe it was because this was the first coffee I had of the day. I wasn't too sure but I'm willing to say that it was probably a combination of the two but I could tell that my alertness level was a whole lot better then it was when I slogged my way to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle.

RealBeanz is a coffee company based out of Brooklyn, NY and proudly advertises on their website that all of their coffees that they offer are made with natural ingredients and certified kosher. Strolling through their selection, they have Cappuccino (Energize), Caramel (Focus), Vanilla Nut (Relax), Mocha (Resist), and Diet Cappuccino (Trim & Fit) along with Cappuccino and Dark Roast made with Coconut water. What is nice is that they have the option of not only finding out what stores in your area carries these beverages but you can also purchase them on their online store. For those who are interested in trying one of these iced coffees, I encourage you to try them out. 

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