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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Accepted into Pence Gallery

As many of you know, I am happily a member of the collective artists at BlueMoon Gallery located in Sacramento. Over the last several months, I've been doing research and contacting various galleries here in California and in Washington to see what the requirements were in order to be accepted so that I could branch out a bit beyond the Sacramento area. After many failed attempts and was getting close giving up my search for another year, I randomly sent an email to Pence Gallery in Davis. I wasn't expecting an email right away and figured that the response I would receive would be along the lines of telling me that they weren't currently accepting new artists.

"Whispering Sweet Nothings" by Dawn Star Wood
What did I get in my inbox instead? The cheerful words of Assistant Director Eileen Hendren letting me know that not only did she like my art but invited me to “get my feet wet” by entering a piece into their upcoming Valentine's themed show for February. Pleasantly surprised is hardly the best way of describing the thrill of those words rush through my body. It took some time to think of what to do but finally settled on doing a small painting of love birds after the suggestion my mother tossed out at me while discussing the situation with her. That in itself was a rather interesting adventure since I wanted to go a little more elaborate in the composition. After contacting the Free State National Botanical Garden (South Africa) and being bounced over to the Senior Horticulturist of the Free State National Botanical Gardens who also works with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), I discovered through confusing clashes of information that my original idea would not have worked out. Crumpling the paper I was brainstorming on and tossing it aside, I told myself that it would be best to go simple and understated.

Tuesday, January 29th, I went down to Pence Gallery to meet Eileen in person for the first time and to deliver my painting. After an amusing moment of reminding her how we got to corresponding through our emails, I couldn't help but feel right at home in the environment. During the short meeting with her, I was stunned and overjoyed when the next thing that I know she's writing a list of upcoming events she wants me to take part of this year. So it would appear that my work will now also be seen at Pence.

Here's the information for the gallery if you're in the area and interested in checking things out:

212 D Street ~ Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 758-3370
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:30am- 5pm
Second Friday: 7-9pm (6pm for Members)

Love Lingers: Pence Gallery Group Valentine's Day Show
Feb. 1 – April 28th, Reception: Feb. 8th from 6-9pm
Celebrate all things sweet with the Pence Gallery Valentine's Day show. Besides plenty of candy to entice you, there are handmade Valentine cards by Beverly Beckman, playful sculptures by Paula Bellacera and Steve Allen, and lovely mixed media pieces by Galelyn Williams and Adele Shaw. With over 25 artists represented there is a perfect Valentine gift just waiting for you.

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