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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Reality meets Fantasy

Very rarely do I find the need to explain one of my images, leaving it to others to form worlds and stories from them as they see fit. However, this is one of the few times that I need to explain my thought process. So recently, while working on a new piece, I found myself contemplating a title for it. I was leaning towards naming it 'Order of the Swan'. Of course there was a part of me going "wait a minute... Double check to make sure that doesn't already exist". So onward to Google I went. Come to find out the Order of the Swan does actually exist. It was started as a spiritual chivalric order started in Germany during the 1440s consisting of princes and nobles honoring Virgin Mary. So perhaps 'Swan Song' could be an option? Swan song tuns out to be a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, action of performance given before death or retirement. That certainly got the brain cells going. What would happen if I combined them?

Tamen In Morte Cantabius by Dawn Star Wood
Creating a world 

I found myself pondering a world where the 'Order of the Swan' was a guild, filled with members of various creeds, species and social statuses all working together to try to improve their world which had fallen into dark times. I'm not sure how or why but I found myself seeing this world a bit like Bloodborne meets Lord of the Rings with those within the guild almost having an Assassins Creed motif. Yes, I realize that it was an odd mix of genres so I apologize. Basically I saw the world with a mix of Human, Elf, Darkin (Demon descendants) and mix breeds. Those within the guild were all trying to work together for a mutually beneficial end against a force that threatened to wipe them all out. So the image became a mix of symbols which would work within their world. The blue ribbon that is seen in the image, in my mind, represented hope and clear days ahead. The roses were a nod to the real world Order of the Swan since they are commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. At the bottom, the lute and sword hint at the fact that their members are from all walks of life. At the very bottom, the motto of my fantasy guild reads Tamen In Morte Cantabius which translates to 'And yet, in death, we shall still sing'

Creed of the Swan

Feeling the urge to add a little more background to the image, during the rough draft period when I was brainstorming, I just started writing. The end result was what might be considered something that members would know by heart: 

Many would see our works as fool hearty attempts to change a world too far gone. They attempt to discourage us from trying. They try to change our history to discourage others. Even with this, we shall not stop for we have what they do not. Hope. Our works have already stirred the hearts of those who we have helped. our words and actions shall continue long after the records of our existence has been burned for we know that even in death, we shall still sing. 

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