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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Giving into the Call

As a child, we would constantly move to different states and even countries due to my father being in the military. With each move, I would hate leaving the previous location behind but there was another sensation which I experienced that I could never figure out how to describe. It wasn't until I was older and we would do trips that I came to understand what the feeling was. Yes there was the fear of the unknown but at the same time, there was complete exhilaration. The thrill of exploring a new, strange environment and entering into a world that only the locals get to see on a regular basis. The chance to learn about things of the area. As I've become older, I found the perfect word to describe this feeling that I regularly feel to go out and experience something new in the world:

I do get the occasional case of wanderlust ever so often but luckily I'm in a household where it's completely acceptable since the other members here with me get it as well. How do we handle it when we need to answer the call once the insatiable need is too much to ignore? Road trips! Usually we have a set destination for where we need to go, be it to visit family who are out of state of traveling to festival. Usually.

Recently I made the announcement that we would be going on a road trip this coming week. However, the trip that we're about to go on has no destination. The only thing we know is the route which is following Highway 1 up along the West Coast of the United States and continue along once it changes to Highway 101. Past that, we've agreed that we'll be winging it. What does that mean? There are at least 5 possible ways that we have in consideration as to how we'll be returning home but we haven't come up with an actual plan. Yup! That means that this trip is going to be a complete adventure. I will be keeping updates of this little journey so perhaps along the way, I will find some inspiration for future pieces along the way.

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