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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tiny Closet Masterpieces

Everyone can appreciate the skill and hard work that goes into costuming. With Cosplay season starting up once again, I am constantly delighted by my photographing buddies such as Hexlord of Black Rabbit Photography and several others sharing not only their own captures but those of their friends. With all of these beautiful creations happening, it made me want to highlight something on a bit smaller scale - costuming for BJDs. BJDs or Ball Jointed Dolls have their own circle of appreciators and range in size from 3 or 4 inches in height to about 18 inches in height. There are several companies where someone can order blank dolls from so that they can customize them themselves but there are a hand full of individuals who actually make the dolls completely from scratch. As beautiful as the process is, I will leave that for another day and feature the clothing of these tiny masterpieces.

"Untitled" by AyuAna

AyuAna.deviantart.com (Poland) 
Ayu & Ana Designs was created by two young ladies who joined forces to create lovely dresses for BJDs. Ranging from Lolita to historical recreations to pure fantasy, the pair make the garments and head dresses for these tiny dolls. In some of the descriptions for the photos of their work, they explain what they were aiming to do and what types of fabrics they used. 

Etsy: Ayu & Ana Designs 

"Vaffee new dress" by Aurikka
Aurikka.deviantart.com (Russia)
Ann has many unique creations displayed in her gallery. Using glass seed beads and an array of various fabrics, the clothing for her dolls are absolutely stunning. She makes sure that no detail on these tiny articles of clothing is overlooked which causes some stunning results. One such piece is a beaded dress for her doll Vaffee which shows intricate details. 

"Commission 117" by Mio27

mio27.deviantart.com (Poland) 
Mio's creations are a mix of traditional representations of Polish and medieval with some modern and fantasy pieces. Using soft cottons, delicate lace, flowing chiffon, and shimmering satin, all of the clothing that she creates has a skilled touch to them. She even adds to the beauty of some of the pieces by including embroidery to them. One such piece she has on view is Commission 117 which she states in the description took her 3 months to embroider. 

"BJD Kimono - Cho-Cho-San" by InarisansCrafts
InarisansCrafts.deviantart.com (Lithuania)
Unlike the above mentioned artisans, Zina creates breathtaking kimonos for her dolls. She not only aims to portray accurate representations of these traditional garments but uses authentic vintage Japanese fabrics to do so. Her gallery is full of beautiful examples of her work and would be difficult to choose if you decided to purchase something from her. 

Etsy: Inarisan's Crafts

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