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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meeting of Artistic Minds: Timothy Lantz

'Raven Heart' by Timothy Lantz
I can't help but feel excited as I present to you a brand new installment of 'Meeting of Artistic Minds'. I will be aiming to have new content for this segment for you all on a somewhat regular basis but of course it completely depends on the schedules of the artists I speak with. Putting that aside, I was able to get in contact with another long time friend who was entertained by the idea of a little Q and A session. An artist and illustrator, Timothy Lantz's unique images have been used for book covers, comic covers and CCGs such as Legend of the Five Rings - Rise of the Shogun expansion and DC Comics Vs. CCG - Legends expansion

'Unveiling the Sorceress'
by Timothy Lantz

With so much of your work focusing on photo manipulation to create a collage effect for the images you produce, is there a particular genre that you prefer working in more than another? 

I think my particular style is suited to working in the fantasy and urban fantasy/paranormal genres. I would hesitate to declare those as favorites however. In my non-commercial work,I really try to achieve an aesthetic closer to the works of the romanticism movement of the 1800's. 

Who or what has been the greatest influence on you and your work? 

John William Waterhouse and Maxfield Parrish first come to mind when I think of my favorites. For more modern inspiration I invoke the works of Dave McKean, John Van Fleet and Christopher Shy

I believe my background in art education has given me a broader context from which to draw inspiration and I think it's fair to say my work really reflects the influence of the symbolism and romanticism movements with maybe a touch of the modern. 

'X - The Wheel of Fortune'
by Timothy Lantz

Since the creation of your Archeon Tarot deck, are you planning on another large scale project in the near future? Also, for those within the community who aren't familiar with the Archeon Tarot, was there anything specific that inspired you to create the images? 

I have been slowly working on a follow up to the Archeon Tarot. It's in the writing stages now, but still a long way off from seeing the light of day. 

Originally, I began the Archeon as a response to another deck I saw being posted online. I wasn't a fan of what I saw and decided to try my hand at creating a deck that would appeal to me as an artist. 

'Her Clockwork Heart' by Timothy Lantz
Cover for 'The Clockwork Heart' by Dru Pagliassotti
When traveling for the various conventions you attend, has anything memorable happened while on the road? What are some 'must haves' that you take with you in your travels? 

I can't even describe how much my life has changed since I began displaying my work at the various shows and conventions. I've met so many amazing people and made some really good friends over the last ten years. It's just been amazing. 

Some of the more memorable moments include meeting fans of my work who had discovered me through my book covers or other projects, being interviewed on various topics ranging from digital art to publishing, meeting celebrities and seeing new places. 

I tend to travel pretty light when it comes to personal items, though I'm never without a sketchbook, a few books or graphic novels and my phone. 

'Sherlock Holmes- The Crossovers Casebook'
by Timothy Lantz
If there was another artist's work you enjoy, who's work would you like to have on the walls of your home or office? 

I have so many favorites I'd quickly run out of wall space if I tried to collect work from them all. I do have some absolute essentials though: "Duel After the Masquerade Ball" by G.L. Gerome might just be my favorite painting of all and a print of that hangs in my office. I'd love to get a reproduction of Waterhouse's "Magic Circle" and something from John Van Fleet. 

Thank you to Timothy for taking the time to answer some questions. If you want to see more of his work or keep up on his schedule, you can find him via social media here: 

Facebook: Archeon Tarot / Art of Timothy Lantz
Website(s): Stygian Darkness / Archeon Tarot
deviantART: archeon.deviantart.com 

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