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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Speak with a brush

There is just something about commercials from other countries that really draw me in. I may not understand the language or what they're saying (unless they've added English subtitles with them), but there is an amount of creativity and sometimes a level of beauty which is missing in much of the advertisements here in the United States. In most cases, commercials here force the brand names and logos in your face and suffer from a lack of individuality. Ever so often there are some memorable advertisements which push the boundaries of what people expect from product placement, but those occurrences are few and far between. Recently I've come across an advertisement for DOCOMO, a 3G mobile communications company based in Japan. With only a powerful use of black and white for the colors paired with the beautiful meanings within Japanese calligraphy, the company puts their point across with what their commitment is to their customers. It's perhaps the simplicity of the entire commercial and the fact I'm at least basically familiar with the art form itself that I enjoyed watching this and felt the need to share with you. 

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