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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Collaboration with Rebecca Tripp – parts 15 & 16

With my calender slowly filling up to the point that I have things scheduled out to September, my poor muse is swamped. A nice little break that I receive is when I receive a note from my friend Rebecca announcing her newest work. Of course I decided that since these newest works of hers were released so close together, it was only fitting that I post them together.

Part 15 – Bellflowers
Click to go to Waltz of the Bellflowers video

'Irish Tranquility' by Dawn Star Wood
Back on May 17th, Rebecca cheerfully sent me a note exclaiming that her video The Waltz of the Bellflowers was up. Of course she apologized over the fact that she had already used the piece she borrowed from me at least twice before. I couldn't help but chuckle since several of my paintings end up having multiple types of flowers in it depending on the feel that I was going for. Listening to her new piece focusing on Bellflowers, I was struck by the feel of late Spring/early Summer that she had woven in with her music. Even with bells tolling in the background which brought to mind weddings. After listening to the piece again, I realized that it actually made me think of Midsummer Night's Dream due to the almost fairy-like quality of the music. In a way, Waltz of the Bellflowers seems to be a companion piece to her earlier works The Waltzing Dahlia and Foxglove Waltz. Together they almost seem to be her answer to Vivaldi's (1678-1741) Four Seasons.

The piece she decided on for this particular musical number was Irish Tranquility, which I know she had used for Foxglove Waltz. As I had mentioned before, I had done the piece back in 2011 as something for St. Patrick's Day and was aiming to do native flowers of Ireland.

Part 16 – Trumpet Flowers
Click to go to Trumpet Flower Waltz

'Trumpet Tuner' by Dawn Star Wood 
I had actually come across Rebecca's newest piece that I was in before she had a chance to add all of the copyright stuff to give credit to the artists. She later sends me a note letting me know that she had everything labeled so it was safe to share. Softer then some of her other pieces, Trumpet Flower Waltz is rather relaxing in the sense that it could be used for meditation purposes or even as something to listen to while working. There is a sense of Victorian elegance with this particular waltz which makes me think of old stories of traveling abroad. In a way, it reminds me of Chanson de Matin which was written by composer Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1937).

The painting that she decided to use was Trumpet Tuner, one of the few pieces I had done specifically for Rebecca's music. 

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